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Power of Positive Parenting

Dr. Glenn Latham

This 8-hour online course will teach principles behind behavior and help you understand how you can adjust your home environment to get better behavior from your child. Dr. Latham includes dozens of real-world experiences in many different situations, covering topics affecting all ages, newborn to teen. You’ll even discover what to do if your child goes off the deep end or is heading that direction.

REAL Parenting

Dr. Rich West

This 5 hour online course will help you learn how to build your relationships with your family members. You’ll learn how important taking data on those relationships is and how to do it easily. We’ll teach you how to read the data so you can make changes to improve your interactions. Good relationships will solve many of the problems you are experiencing in your family today.

We understand that parenting is demanding, you need help that is flexible for your time schedule. We let you learn when you have time.

From helps with laundry and personal finance to methods to make challenges easier every day, we have courses for you.

Real world parenting requires more information and we’ve brought you instructors who have been there and know what to do.

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E-book 8 Powerful Phrases Your Children Need to Hear you Say

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“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

Jane D. Hull