4 Creative Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably pretty amazed at all the things your child has learned this year in school. With summer quickly approaching, finding fun, non worksheet/flashcard ways to help my kids fight summer learning loss has been on my mind.   Here are a few creative ideas you can try to combat the summer slide.

  1. Play school

Kids love to be in charge, and what better way for them to exercise a little power and review what they’ve learned then by letting them be your teacher? You can go small scale and have them “teach” you just one class, or go all out and have full day of school complete with recess, lunch and P.E.

  1. Find a pen pal

This is such a fun way for kids to practice writing skills over the summer. The pen pal can be a friend from class, a relative who lives out of town, or even someone your child has never met (think your college roommate’s child of a similar age).

  1. Plan a playdate or party

Playdate and party planning equals super math review in disguise. Give your child a budget (it doesn’t have to be big…they can do a lot with five to ten dollars) and let the brainstorming begin. By planning out details (Invitations? Snacks? Entertainment?) and figuring out what money will be going where, they’ll review those important math concepts…and probably gain a little more gratitude for all the work you put into get-togethers.

  1. Read, read, read

This seems like a no-brainer, but it really is one of the most effective ways to avoid summer learning loss. A favorite activity in our house is reading bingo. I print out a 5 by 5 grid and write a different way to read in each square (under a tree, in your pajamas, etc.) Once they read for 20 minutes in whatever way the square says, they mark it off. Once they earn a bingo, they get a small prize, usually a coupon to get out of a chore. When they cross off every square they get a bigger prize, like a trip to get ice cream.

Happy learning!

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