Encourage summer writing by having an Alphabet Summer

For a fun-filled summer that encourages learning, try having an “alphabet summer!” My kids and I have enjoyed doing this for years, and even my 10-year-old looks forward to it.

Each day, they choose a letter out of a mason jar. Each card has a letter and a description of the activity on it. Before we can do the activity, they must write something. I buy them their own little notebooks for this, so by the end of the summer, it’s full of writing.

I have little kids write just the letter a certain amount of times, or the letter and a few words it starts with. For older kids, they need to write a journal-type entry (at least four sentences) of what letter they chose, what they are going to do, and if they think they will like it or not.

Choose which days you want to do this each week, and have fun! Since there are only twenty-six letters of the alphabet, you don’t have to do a letter every day. You can spread it out throughout the summer, and only do it a couple of days a week.

There are printable cards attached that you can just print, cut and put in a jar, bowl, or whatever you choose to use. There are two sets. One is all free things, and the other is a combination of free things and things you must pay to go and do. Choose the one you want to use, or use a combination of both, and have fun!

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Download a Word Document for the printable cards

Download a Word Document for the printable cards

Download a PDF for the printable cards