Planning a Preschool Birthday Party with Success

A preschooler may not remember much about their earliest birthday parties except from photos, videos, or other mementos, but it doesn’t mean that their parties can’t be super special.

Preschoolers love birthday parties, so here are some tips on planning a great party for the preschooler in your life:

  • Start with the theme. Does the child like animals, music, trains, dolls, art, water games, etc? Focus on one theme, but if you really can’t decide, it’s okay to combine them.
  • Then decide on how many kids you want to invite and who they are. If your budget is tight, maybe a small number of guests will do, especially since a lot of kids in one place can make for a mighty big mess and a lot of rowdy kids.
  • Next, choose the invitations. They should relate to the theme of the party, of course.
  • Decide on the cake and ice cream. It’s a good idea to find a cake that goes along with the theme, but if you can’t, then use something from the child’s favorite storybook character or movie.
  • Decorations. Using the child’s favorite colors, go all out with balloons, streamers, and banners. It makes the party so much more festive, and the kids really like it.
  • If you do want to invite a big crowd, consider having the party in a large space, like a park, a swimming pool, a skating rink, or even the backyard. Sometimes you can get a good rate on a birthday party by bringing a certain number of people. Be sure to call ahead in case reservations have to be made.
  • Have games that the kids will like to play, keeping in mind that they should be simple and fun. Keep games to a minimum, as too many can be distracting and tiring. Preschoolers get bored easily, so keep things moving alone.
  • Consider taking the preschoolers on a special trip, like to a petting zoo, or a water park, or pony riding.
  • Hire a clown. Preschoolers are the perfect age for clowns. The clown sometimes comes with his own bag of tricks, like candy or games, so talk to the clown beforehand to see what he or she offers.
  • Don’t forget to take photos and videos of the special occasion. A nice thing to do for all the gift is to send a thank you card with a photo of the party tucked inside.
  • Sandbox party. If you don’t mind a mess, have a sandbox party outside, providing pails and shovels and other sand toys.

Whatever you decide to do for your preschooler’s party, just remember that messes will happen, tears may be shed, and tantrums may ensue. Short and simple is often the best way to go for a toddler’s party, as they get tired and cranky, and some children act out in unfamiliar territory.

by Tammy Ruggles


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