Are Your Relationships Strong?

Take the quiz below to find out.  (You can take it as many times as you like for different relationships)


How did you do?  Most relationships could use a little work.  If you would like to make big stride with your children in this area, take our Parenting Magic Foundations Course to get started on better relationships now!




Parenting is made easier with great skills. This course focuses on teaching parents how to determine if an interaction with your child was considered positive, as well as which behavior should just be ignored.

The Foundations Course is a five hour course that includes video clips, audio clips, text and a workbook. Since it’s meant to be reviewed on a regular basis, the learner will receive follow-up emails to be reminded of the skills taught. Additionally, after purchasing the Foundations Course, each person will have access to a library of over a hundred articles that cover almost every topic a parent could need regarding managing the behavior of children.