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To learn more about how to 1) increase positive interactions, 2) purposely manage unwanted behavior, and 3) teach appropriate behavior in your family, register for the Parenting Magic Foundations Course.

Susan Rasmussen

Susan Rasmussen studied Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development before starting her family. She has been married to the same wonderful man for almost 29 years and is the mother of 6 children and grandmother of 4. She has a great desire to help parents love parenting. She currently lives in Logan, Utah and works at ParentingMagic.com.

Robyn Copa

Robyn Copa is a former high school chemistry teacher and mother of four children. She loves analyzing research and sharing it with other parents and teachers. Robyn created the Chore Chart Kit to help lessen the load that mothers feel. She currently teaches preschool in northern California.

Nicole Fiedler

Nicole Fiedler is a mother of five children ages eight and younger. She loves taking her children on dates once a week and teaching them the importance of service. Nicole manages Parenting Magic’s Instagram account where she shares her ideas on helping children feel more independent. Nicole and her husband and children currently live in southern Arizona.